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    Bộ sách về lịch sử và các lực lượng vũ trang trên thế giới. Sách Scan màu, tiếng Anh. Nhiều thông tin thú vị về lịch sử. tranh mầu.
    NXB Osprey

    Osprey Series : Men-at-Arms
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    30th Punjabis ;
    American Civil War armies 4
    American Civil War armies 5
    American Civil War armies
    American Woodland Indians
    Ancient armies of the Middle East
    Arab armies of the Middle East wars 1948-73
    Arab armies of the Middle-East wars, volume 2
    Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders ;
    Armies in Lebanon 1982-1984
    Armies of the Crusades
    Armies of the Vietnam War (2)
    Armies of the Vietnam War, 1962-75
    Artillery equipments of the Napoleonic Wars
    Austrian army of the Napoleonic Wars
    Austrian specialist troops of the Napoleonic wars
    Battle for the Falklands
    Bengal cavalry regiments, 1857-1914
    British army on campaign 1816-1902
    British battle insignia
    British battledress, 1937-61
    British cavalry equipments 1800-1941
    British infantry equipments 1808-1908
    British infantry equipments.(2),1908-2000
    Central American wars, 1959-89
    Chasseurs of the Guard the Chasseurs à Cheval of the Garde Imperials, 1799-1815 ;
    EL Cid and the Reconquista
    Flags of the Napoleonic Wars. (1)
    Flags of the Napoleonic wars. n (3)
    Flak jackets 20th century military body armour
    Foot Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard
    Foreign volunteers of the Wehrmacht, 1941-45
    Frederick the Great's army
    German commanders of World War II
    German medieval armies 1300-1500
    German military police units, 1939-45
    Germany's Eastern Front allies 1941-45
    Germany's Spanish volunteers 1941-45 the Blue Division in Russia
    Grenada 1983
    Henry VIII's army
    Hungary and the fall of Eastern Europe 1000-1568
    Indian infantry regiments 1860-1914
    Italian medieval armies, 1300-1500
    Japanese Army of World War II ;
    Lawrence and the Arab revolts warfare and soldiers of the Middle East 1914-18
    Louis XIV's army
    Luftwaffe airborne and field units ;
    Luftwaffe field divisions, 1941-45
    Marlborough's army, 1702-11
    Medieval heraldry
    Modern African wars.
    Montcalm's army ;
    Napoleon's Egyptian campaigns, 1798-1801
    Napoleon's German allies
    Napoleon's Guard Cavalry
    Napoleon's guard infantry (1)
    Napoleon's guard infantry
    Napoleon's Hussars
    Napoleon's Italian and Neapolitan troops
    Napoleon's Line Infantry [electronic resource].
    Napoleon's marshals
    Napoleon's overseas army
    Napoleon's specialist troops
    New Model Army 1645-60
    Painting and Finishing Techniques(2010)BBS
    Partisan warfare 1941-45
    Polish armies 1569-1696. 1
    Prussian cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars
    Prussian light infantry 1792-181
    Prussian Line infantry 1792-1815
    Queen Victoria's enemies 3
    Queen Victoria's enemies. 2, Northern Africa
    Queen Victoria's enemies. 4, Asia, Australasia and the Americas
    Queen Victoria's enemies
    Resistance warfare, 1940-1945
    Rome's enemie
    Rome's enemies
    Royal Scots Greys ;
    Russia's war in Afghanistan
    Saladin and the Saracens
    Samurai armies, 1550-1615
    Saxon, Viking and Norman
    The age of Charlemagne warfare in Western Europe 750-1000 AD
    The age of Tamerlane Warfare in the Middle East c.1350-1500
    The Alamo and the War of Texan Independence 1835-36
    The American Plains Indians
    The American Provincial Corps 1775-1784 ;
    The American War, 1812-1814
    The Apaches
    The Arab Legion ;
    The armies of Agincourt
    The armies of Crécy and Poitiers
    The armies of Islam, 7th-11th centuries
    The army of Alexander the Great
    The Army of Northern Virginia
    The army of the German Empire, 1870-1888
    The Australian army at war 1899-1975
    The Austro-Hungarian army of the Napoleonic wars ;
    The Austro-Hungarian army of the Seven Years War
    The Black Brunswickers ;
    The Boxer Rebellion
    The British Army on campaign 1816-1902. 1, 1816-1853
    The British army on campaign 1816-1902
    The British Army, 1914-18
    The Buffs ;
    The Canadian Army at war
    The Connaught Rangers, the Devil's Own ;
    The conquistadores
    The Cossacks ;
    The English Civil War armies ;
    The German Army, 1914-18
    The Iron Brigade ;
    The Israeli army in the Middle East wars 1948-73
    The Jacobite rebellions, 1689-1745
    The King's Regiment
    The knights of Christ religiousmilitary orders of knighthood 1118-1565
    The Korean war 1950-1953
    The Malayan campaign, 1948-60
    The Mongols
    The Polish army 1939-45
    The Red Army of the Great Patriotic War, 1941-5
    The Roman army from Hadrian to Constantine
    The Royal Air Force 1939-45
    The Royal Artillery ;
    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 1873-1987
    The Royal Marines 1956-84
    The Russian Army of the Crimea ;
    The Russian army of the Napoleonic Wars Equipment History
    The SA 1921-45 Hitler's stormtroopers
    The Scythians 700-300 BC
    The Soviet Army ;
    The Spanish Foreign Legion
    The Special Air Service and Royal Marines Special Boat Squadron
    The Stonewall Brigade ;
    The Swiss at war 1300-1500 text by Douglas Miller and G.A. Embleton
    The U.S. Army, 1890-1920
    The Venetian Empire, 1200-1670
    The war in Cambodia, 1970-75
    The war in Laos, 1960-75
    The Wild Geese the Irish brigades of France and Spain
    U-Boat Bases and Bunkers 1941-45 [electronic resource].
    United States Marine Corps ;
    US Army combat equipment, 1910-1988
    US cavalry on the plains, 1850-90
    Wellington's generals
    Wellington's heavy cavalry
    Women at war, 1939-45
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