PDF Organic Farming: How to Raise, Certify, and Market Organic Crops and Livestock

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    Organic Farming: How to Raise, Certify, and Market Organic Crops and Livestock by Peter V. Fossel
    2014 | ISBN: 0760345716 | English | 176 pages | PDF | 53 MB

    Organic Farming is the seed you need to get your organic farm growing. This essential guidebook explains everything you need to know to begin and maintain a healthy, productive, and profitable organic farm, from organic certification to planting crops to marketing your produce. If you're thinking of starting an organic farm or making the transition to organics, you're in good company. The market for organic food increases every year, as does the number of organic producers: in the past two decades, the number of organic farms and businesses has more than tripled. And whether you're growing crops or raising animals, you'll need some helpful advice as you get started. Organic Farming can help–its pages are full of inspiring and educational wisdom from author Peter V. Fossel, who has farmed organically for more than 25 years. Find out how to farm without pesticides, how to find your way through the rules and regulations surrounding organic certification, and how to develop a marketing strategy. A list of resources also points the way to other books, websites, and organizations that focus on organic farming, including state standards. Organic Farming is the ideal practical handbook to fulfilling your dreams.

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