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    Effective Business English for Logistics
    This English for Logistics course is for people working in the logistics industry - whether in administration, management, warehousing or human resources. It's your go-to guide on effective communication with colleagues, clients, partners, shipping agents, customs brokers of freight forwarders.

    It's your independent guide to learn wherever you are, whenever you have time.

    And it's for non-native speakers of English with CEF B1 proficiency.

    You'll get warm-up exercises, practical exercises, listening exercises, industry-specific texts, newspaper articles, case-studies, photos, illustrations, film clips and more. Every activity is designed to activate your learning and language development across all senses, and increase your skills in effective English communication.

    You can communicate with other learners via the Discussion Board, contact me directly for specific questions or concerns, and be part of an interactive, global community of logistics professionals.

    Let's get cracking.
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