Video Cambridge English C1 (CAE) Key Word Transformation Guide

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    Cambridge English C1 (CAE) Key Word Transformation Guide
    Discover fast and efficient techniques to pass Key Word Transformation and the C1 exam!

    What you'll learn
    • Pass Key Word Transformation and improve your score!
    • Get faster and correct answers with tons of Key Word Transformation exam practice
    • Learn advanced level grammar and vocabulary needed for paraphrasing
    • Understand which words you need to change and how to change them
    • Discover a simple and effective strategy for finding the correct answer
    • Utilize easy-to-use techniques for paraphrasing in English
    • Understand which grammar points you will be tested on
    • You need at least Upper-Intermediate (B2) or Advanced (C1) level English to follow this course
    If you’re taking the Cambridge C1 Advanced exam and you’re struggling with Key Word Transformation, this course will show you exactly what you need to do to ace Key Word Transformation and pass the C1 exam!

    After teaching the C1 exam since 2014, I've developed a quick and easy method for Key Word Transformation that will help you find the right answer in seconds. In this course, I'm going to share this amazing technique with you and so much more!

    Included in this course you will receive:

    • 3 hours of expert lessons and advice
    • Tons of Key Word Transformation exercises
    • 300 phrasal verb & idiom flashcards
    • 8 interactive grammar worksheets
    • 4 interactive games
    • 1 interactive presentation
    ✓Learn step-by-step how to paraphrase difficult sentences
    ✓ Get easy-to-use tips on how to paraphrase different grammar points
    ✓ Discover an amazing Key Word Transformation strategy that will get you the right answer every time!
    ✓ Play with tons of interactive games and flashcards to enhance your vocabulary and grammar
    ✓ Learn what you will be tested on and exactly how to change each sentence

    This course will not only boost your paraphrasing skills but will also help you to build your grammar and vocabulary from B2 to C1 level. By the end of this course, you'll be able to paraphrase any sentence you get and go into the C1 exam filled with confidence!

    So go ahead and click the ENROLL NOW button and let's get you that C1 certificate! Thanks for enrolling and I'll see you in the course.

    Hayley (course tutor)

    Who this course is for:
    • Students who need to pass the Cambridge C1 exam and find Key Word Transformation difficult
    • Students who don't know how to paraphrase
    • Students who need help with Use of English
    • Students who need advice on how to paraphrase sentences in English
    • Teachers who want to help their students with Key Word Transformation
    • Teachers who want to develop their knowledge of the Cambridge C1 exam
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