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    Terms Of Service

    General: Unregistered/ Normal User:

    - Can view thread and post
    - Can reply to posts, ask related questions
    - Report a policy violation post
    - Make document requests
    - The following posts will be deleted without notice
    + Spam
    + Use vulgar language or incite violence
    + Defame others
    + Other suspicious activities

    For VIP User:

    - Can download all documents during the VIP account period
    - Can have a private support by Moderators and Admin (even after expiration of VIP account) / Support via Private message / Email
    - Can report a broken download links
    - After registering for a VIP account and the account is activated, the payment amount will not be refunded (Refund only if the document cannot be downloaded or the document is incorrect and our Moderators/Admin cannot resolve it )
    - Downloaded materials are for personal reference only

    Contact Information

    Please contact Us with any questions or comments about Our Term of service, Your personal information, or Your consent choices via email at: tailieuso@gmail.com, We will respond to Your inquiry within 01-02 days of its receipt.
    Thank you!
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